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Southside Motor Factors is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of high performance car batteries. We have 35 years’ experience providing car batteries to trade and retail customers.

We stock car batteries from worldwide recognisable brands such as Platinum.

Our Platinum 

car batteries 

combine leading technology, incredibile reliability and superior performance!

We have a huge selection of car batteries for sale

Platinum Prestige car batteries

The Platinum Prestige car batteries range are Lead-Acid car batteries and service 97% + of the Car Parc and include a wide range of Japanese part numbers, all of which are manufactured to meet O.E. specification.

Platinum Prestige Plus car batteries

The Platinum Prestige Plus car batteries have been specifically designed to exceed O.E. specification and to offer superior performance. With increased service life the Prestige Plus range perform to the highest standards, even in the most demanding conditions.

Servicing 85%+ of the Car Parc the Prestige Plus car batteries range have been made to suit vehicles with an increased demand on the battery. The use of Satellite Navigational systems, entertainment systems, DVD players and other ‘electrical loads’, all demand performance from the battery and the Prestige Plus exceeds consumer expectations.

Platinum ECM Start/Stop car batteries

Platinum Start/Stop ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat), also known as AFB (Prestige Flooded Battery) or EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is an evolution of traditional lead-acid car batteries and is the best option for compact cars equipped only with the Start & Stop function, perfect for entry Level Start/Stop vehicles.

Car Batteries

Southside Motor Factors also stock alkaline and lithium coin cell car batteries in Dublin. These car batteries are used in a range of applications from remote control key fobs to torches.
Call into our store or email us, if we do not have what you are looking for we can assure you we will try and seek your particular car battery.

Southside Motor Factors are part of the WEEE Ireland waste programme whereby we take back and recycle your old batteries.

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